This template can be used to disaggregate any 35-sector national input-output table (NIOT) derived from ADB multi-regional input-output tables (MRIOTs) to explicitly include entries for a special sector (e.g., the wellness, digital, or tourism sector) and automatically estimate their linkages with the rest of a country’s economy. It was prepared by Rafael Martin M. Consing III, Michael John M. Barsabal, and Julian Thomas B. Alvarez.

Two files are included here:

  • MRIOT NIOT Extraction Template
  • MRIOT NIOT Disaggregation Template

The extraction template, prepared by Sarah Mae A. Manuel, is used to derive a country’s NIOT from the ADB MRIOTs available in these links (login required):

Current price MRIOTs:

Constant price MRIOTs:

Once a country’s NIOT for a specific year is derived using the extraction template, it is then placed into the disaggregation template which, as the name indicates, will disaggregate the NIOT to explicitly include a special sector specified by the user, such as the wellness, digital, or tourism sectors. This procedure is described further in Consing et al. (2020) and Torelli & Lumba (2020). The disaggregation template also automatically provides estimates for this special sector such as linkages with the rest of the economy in terms of GDP as well as output, value added, and import multipliers. Interpretations of these figures are also included.

As the ADB MRIOTs cover 62 economies over two decades, this template allows for consistent estimates which can be used to create time series data on special sectors and allow for comparisons across time and between countries.

Further instructions for using these templates are available within the files themselves.


Consing, R. M. III, M. J. Barsabal, J. T. Alvarez, and M. J. Mariasingham. 2020. The Wellness Economy: A Comprehensive System of National Accounts Approach. Manila: Asian Development Bank.

Torelli, C. and A. J. Lumba. 2020. The Core of the Digital Economy: A Proposed Framework. Unpublished.